Every garden deserves a stone bench, just like salt & pepper on a dinner table. It’s a simple yet distinguished way to add seating to your backyard, garden, patio or porch. Whether you are looking for a concrete, enhanced cement, or granite benches, look no further! We have what you need, indeed.

Custom Garden Benches

The stone bench stretches back through time to before the Roman Empire. Home courtyards, gardens, and buildings of importance throughout history have featured decorative, outdoor benches. Many renowned cathedrals around the world promote the simple stone to grand granite benches, some the engraved bench to inspire remembrance. This tradition, instilled in our souls over centuries, we feel at the sight of a stone bench. It invites us to sit and reflect.

Boulder Designs proudly offers a variety of crafted stone benches for almost any location. As an example, we manufacture the concrete garden bench or custom-made bench to adorn your garden or yard. We have the personalized memorial benches to commemorate that individual of achievement, commercial benches to highlight the alcoves of a courthouse or the entrance to any government institute or the simple cemetery bench to accent the landscape of a cemetery or memorial park. With your imagination, this simple article of heritage can enhance any area of your choosing.

Plus, we have unique benches for sale. If you have a wild idea to install a semi-circular bench or modernized style bench, we have the means to construct it. So, give us a call, and together we will create a historical piece for that special spot.