Many people choose a special corner of their garden to honor the memory of a loyal and loving pet. Since pet cemeteries are not common, a pet memorial stone offers a quiet sanctuary to give respect and remembrance to our furry family members.

Pet Memorial Stones

With love, we can honor our lost pet in stone, as we cherished them in life. To assist in your arrangements, Boulder Designs specializes in pet headstones, pet memorial stones or memorial markers for pets created to your needs and specifications. As the final step in putting your beloved pet to rest, we endeavor to give a bit of satisfaction in your time of sorrow.

Gravestones are not our first topic of conversation, but a loyal and loving pet deserves that final respect. We are prepared to create a piece in a variety of polished stone or concrete, etched with a letter style of your choice, and crafted to the shape and size you require. From small, such as foot markers, to as large as cemetery monuments should you feel it appropriate, we can accommodate your needs.

Specialized pet memorial stones can be created for gardens, parks, or any place you deem suitable. Custom engraved memorials for dogs and cats are available. Simply provide the name and any details, and we can create the right dog or cat headstone. That special spot, set aside in memory of the departed pet, captioned in regal stone, is a beautiful gesture.

Thank you for considering our help and support as you commemorate the loss of beloved pets.

May we at Boulder Designs offer our condolences for the loss of your four-legged family member, and we are honored to help memorialize your cherished pet.