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Confidence in stone…

Your family name etched in rock…

Says it all…

Family is everything in most everyone’s eyes, and the family name is often a cornerstone we overlook from day to day. Well, we have a way to remedy that! Our elegant address blocks proclaim to every visitor, the owner of the residence. After that initial visit, no one has an excuse to misspell your surname.\

For your convenience, we manufacture the address blocks in various sizes and colors. Simply provide the dimensions needed, and we can accommodate you. These plaque style blocks can be placed in a garden or on a pedestal near the front door, fitted into the porch flooring to replace any welcome mat, or hung from the porch eaves to impress. Your imagination is the only limit.

Apart from the touch of class it instills, we can install names, logos or anything you can imagine, to suite your creativity. Along with surname and address, pictures or artwork can be added for further enhancement, and most scripts or fonts can be printed. And for those apartment residents, set your home apart from your neighbors with a personalized address block. A little drooling never hurt anyone.

For those home builders, our Cast Stone Address Blocks can be worked into the brickwork, stonework or concrete structure. Blended for the subtle approach or color-coordinated to highlight both the surname and structure, is feasible. Once again, use your imagination and together we will create a piece to your satisfaction.

Once completed, it really is confidence set in stone… your name to last into the years.

Our signs stand out, they are great conversation starters and not like most other signage. People/customers never forget our signs. We have found out our signs are so unique customers often want to take their photos by them and share them on social media.
With undeniable advantages as durable, pleasing to the eye, unique and long-lasting, we can say our products are a great investment for you.

Boulder Designs specializes in what else? Boulder signs, engraved rocks, and rock carving. Focused as a Signs Manufacturer on the Commercial signs and Industrial signs sector, large custom signage for the outdoors, or simply a building exterior to fit your needs. Large personalized rocks prepared as Business signs to attract the clientele your company deserves. You might say our Monument signs created for you, are amazing and yes, even monumental.

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